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Summer is slowly fading and I took my last swim this past weekend. Dog sitting for a family with a pool means I take full advantage of it before I go back to my community pool at my apartment complex, one that I do not dare step foot in. Well, this beautiful pool made for the perfect opportunity to shoot some cool pictures in my new swimsuit from Killer Swimwear, made from Neoprene and meant to stick to you rather than fly off or ride up when taking a dip. This suit also comes in a blue color, just so you know!

Photo credit: Elijah Tubbs


As some of you may already know, I am headed to Philadelphia soon for my summer internship for Free People at home office. I will be shadowing the styling team and helping put together beautiful looks that will be shoppable online. 

What no one knows is that I am now leaving a month earlier than expected to start my internship early. Last week I received an email from one of the stylists asking me if I would be able to join them May 1st instead of June 1st; I of course said yes.

This freaked me out though considering I had a month to find a place to live and buy a plane ticket and pack for a 3.5 month adventure, but just like always, it fell into place. Alas, I have found a place to live for the summer and that is with five other interns in a beautiful old Victorian house not too far from head quarters. It is a five bedroom house (yes—that means two girls are sharing a room—no—I am not one of those girls), with two bathrooms, and a back yard. While I have my reservations living with so many people, I am seeing it as an adventure and could not be more thrilled to meet these girls. I am hoping that these young ladies will turn into some life-long friends. 

I could not be more excited for my summer away from Arizona and am a little nervous being so far from home, but as a bird must learn to fly, I must leave the nest. 

Photo credit: Elijah Tubbs

I Am Back

I am back and better than ever. 

Not having posted for awhile, let me remind you who I am. 

I am Kennedy Dawn Stearns. A 4'11, fiery 20 year old. 

I have gone through some changes, however. I have become re-inspired. I have taken some time to myself to relax, watch Netflix, and completely slack-off. My body and mind needed a break from the whirlwind of crazy that is my life and as a result I dropped off the face of the blogging world and dedicated all of my creative energy to working on my instagram (which is also going through some changes). 

I grew tired of the monotony of my posts. I grew tired of the one look I saw myself in. I wanted to do more. I wanted to become a person in your eyes. 

I have noticed on my instagram, many of my followers (which I have now reached over 50k) forget that I am real, that I am not just some social media face who doesn't see their comments. They forget that I can see their comments and I have to admit, not being thought of as a real person is a tough thing to go through. Comments can hurt and definitely extinguished the fire I had going for a while. 

But I am back. I am back every Friday morning. 

I know I used to be three times a week, but I know that right now I do not have the dedication to keep up with three blog posts every week; if I'm being honest, I may even have a hard time getting to one. 

But I'm here and I'm trying. 

Photo credit: Elijah Tubbs