Kipling x UO

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Pulled on Pink

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Denim Daydream

For whatever reason, I refused to wear denim in high school. I wore nothing jean until the last half of my senior year. Now looking at my overflowing denim drawer I don't quite understand what my problem was. I think I had this notion that denim was boring and over-done, but something this classic could never be "over-done."  

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Lucky for my denim addiction, Urban Outfitters has literally every wash and fit you could possibly want. Whether you want true blue, bleached out, or black; skinny, boyfriend style, or straight leg, they have it all. You know what that means... Urban Outfitters is my one stop shop. 

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I can't even imagine not wearing denim now. In fact, I wear it almost daily.

Photo credit: Eunice Beck

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UO Home

After a three and a half week vacation around Europe, I was so excited to be back home in my newly decorated bedroom. Getting a house put together takes time and whenever I add something new to my space it instantly becomes my favorite thing I own, like my orange, velvet bean bag chair. Urban Outfitters has everything you might want to decorate your home, because they definitely had everything I wanted. 

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I've been fighting off my jet lag by making my bed every morning, that way I'm not tempted to climb back in. It doesn't hurt that I find my throw pillows adorable and God forbid they touch the ground. I love the mixture of color on my bed; from a cream bedspread to a charcoal quilt, an orange, velvet pin tuck pillow to a dusted pink tassel one, and then the texture of the shams. The perfect set up for me not to mess it up.

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And while I haven't truly left the house yet—except for a quick run to Sprouts—I still try and get ready. Throwing on a cute summer dress and adding a few curls to my new hair, makes me feel useful and awake. 

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Urban Outfitters Holiday Home Decor for The City Girl

I have been a dedicated Urban Outfitters shopper since I was in junior high. I remember when I could finally fit into their tops and my dad took me shopping around the holidays to pick a few out. I instantly felt more confident wearing clothes that felt "right" for my unique style and personality. Everything that I wanted, I knew Urban Outfitters would have. 

I wake up and go to bed with Urban Outfitters, PJs and bedding included. Nothing is better than collapsing into your warm bed after a late night out at the local arcade bar, lighting a candle, and reading until you fall asleep. 

I love my late morning "wake ups" on the weekends. Rolling out of bed at 10 am. Dragging myself to the couch, hiding under my blanket, and placing the needle onto a vinyl of my choosing; right now it has been a lot of Stevie Nicks after my dad took me to her concert two weeks ago. 

Before I know it, it's 5 pm on a Saturday night and I am always rushing to get ready. I seem to think that it only takes me ten minutes to get ready until it's 7 pm and I have an impatient boyfriend waiting for me to head out. Urban Outfitter's bralettes are the perfect getting ready garb. And how about their new beauty product selections?

I'm the type of person who gets home after a night out and is already asleep walking through the door. And with comfy, velvet floor pillows like these? You're absolutely doomed when it comes to making it to bed.

Don't Make Me Blush

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For far too long I didn't own a "little black dress." It was one of the few items missing in my closet. But then, I discovered DeLacy and this LBD caught my eye immediately. It is so very simple, but the bows on either shoulder really give it the flare it needs to keep my interested. 
And it was really a no brainer to pair it with my classy new Daniel Wellington watch. In the market for one yourself? Use my code: KENNEDYDAWN to receive 15% off any Daniel Wellington watch in their online store! 

Status Anxiety

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Am I the only female out there who has hated carrying around bags? For far too long my boyfriend has been forced...yes, carry my belongings in those never-ending boy pockets we never seem to blessed with. Well, he finally said "ENOUGH" and made me get a wallet of my own. This is where Status Anxiety came in. Say hello to my new wallet that can actually carry anything I need, but can still fit in a bag if needed. 

Clutch or wallet? You decide.

GIVEAWAY | Nena & Co.

I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with Nena & Co. to host an incredible giveaway for my followers! 

Here's how you WIN!
  1. Follow @nenaandco on Instagram
  2. Follow me, @kennedydawn on Instagram
  3. AND tag one friend on the photo I have posted of the giveaway. Check around 11 am MST.
One winner will be chosen, at random, by me 24 hours after the giveaway has gone live. I will be checking to make sure you have completed all of the requirements!

Blank NYC

Hat | Neck Scarf (Vintage) | Coat | Body Suit | Jeans | Boots (similar)

I had the great pleasure of teaming up with Blank NYC and was amazed at the quality of this suede fringe jacket and skinny jeans. I am a pretty petite gal and finding jeans for me can be TOUGH...I was worried that I would receive my jeans and find that they hung off my hips, but I was surprised to find a perfect fit. If you are naturally petite, like me, check out Blank NYC's skinny jean collection. 

Pairing it with my new favorite basic from Free People, the bodysuit, just made sense to me. Also, am dying over my vintage boy scout neck scarf. $.99 at Goodwill? Count me in!

Silky Blue

Here's what I love about ABS by Allen Schwartz...the quality. Never in my life have I owned a dress that is perfected quite like this Carwash Slip. The gorgeous color, the flattering fit, and the ever-so-slight hint at trendy while still being quite classic. I think this might be a must for NYFW 2016. What do you think?
Also, excuse my barefeet. Guilty of dancing in the desert whenever possible.

BonLook Eyeglass

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Sweater (MinkPink no longer in stock) | Glasses | Socks

Have you heard of BonLook

BonLook sells amazing glasses for only $99 and sunglasses for $79! They are of good quality and make it easy to switch up your look whenever you want. Before I found BonLook, I was spending anywhere from $300-$500 on glasses... but no, not anymore. I am absolutely stoked about this company.

Shopping online is made easy by allowing you to shop by style, gender, and/or face shape; you can even virtually try on the glasses you like. And if they aren't the glasses for you, you can send them back within 30 days to get the perfect pair.

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Gypsy James

Top | Hat | Levi's (similar here and here) | Loafers (similar here and here)

This here is Gypsy James, my sweet baby kitty that I adopted while I was in Philadelphia. At the beginning of my internship I started to feel a bit lonely and my dear friend, Ashley, suggested that I look into adopting. I found this little darling and immediately fell in love; I have been wanting a black cat named Gypsy since I can remember and when I saw this little guy's spunk I knew he needed a two-name name. So here is Gypsy James, my four month old black kitty who loves to suck on my finger and bite my ankles, he hates beef flavored cat food and spends way too much time pulling all of my undies out of my drawer. Welcome to the family Gypsy James.

Photo credit: Eunice Beck