My Little Slice of Heaven

Welcome to my bedroom. This is where clutter accumulates and turns into a museum of sorts. As you can see, I own a lot of stuff... too much, but I just cannot bear to part with any of it. One of my favorite things is buying something new for my room: a decorative pillow, a deliciously scented candle, or a postcard to add to my wall. This, however, is what makes a room yours. This is what sets apart your room from others. I believe that my room is never complete, it could always use a little something; this makes my room forever changing and growing alongside me. I have changed my bedspread numerous times... it is amazing what just that alone can do to your room, my office chair is now a vibrant blue whereas before it was a dull brown, and I am always updating my magazine wall with new inspiration. This is where turning "a house into a home" saying comes into play. Oh, and did I mention my adorable dog named Jax? Need I say more?

Take a little bit of my room with you...
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I have always had the worst luck with plants, but my mom came home a week ago with four new ones and I am determined to keep these ones alive! I found this site helpful on how to properly pot and water the cacti. Do you have any tips for me?