Bumble BFF Brunch

Last Sunday I teamed up with Bumble BFF in hosting a brunch for some of my old and new friends alike. We gathered at Ocotillo Phoenix for some sangria, cocktails, food, and what was obviously about to be a lot of laughs. I towed in eight gift bags, a bouquet of sunflowers and daisies, and two teeny-tiny succulents. 

As we waited for the other girls to arrive, we ordered a few pitchers of red sangria and fruit salads.

For the ladies who didn't already have the Bumble BFF app, I helped them download it and set up their profiles! I always describe it as the dating app for friendships; it gathers all the girls in your set mile range and you can go through their profiles, see their interests, and chat if you feel like it. This is really great for people who are solo travelers, moving to a new state, or if you're like me, always looking to meet new people!

Opening the gift bags was definitely a highlight of the brunch. I spent all morning wrapping and filling the keychain size Sriracha bottles, so I was definitely pleased to see all the smiles! The gift bag itself was a yellow tote bag that says "B U M B L E", a denim, "LUCKY BEE" baseball hat, a mini Sriracha bottle, an adorable heart pin that reads "QUEEN BEE", a candle, two shimmer lip balms, and I just had to add an organic honey stick to play up on the whole bumble bee theme. 

We finished off the brunch with cocktails that all happened to be both pretty and pink, while we made plans for the near future. Maybe New Orleans? Or a casual pool day?

Photo credit: Natalie Allen

UO Home

After a three and a half week vacation around Europe, I was so excited to be back home in my newly decorated bedroom. Getting a house put together takes time and whenever I add something new to my space it instantly becomes my favorite thing I own, like my orange, velvet bean bag chair. Urban Outfitters has everything you might want to decorate your home, because they definitely had everything I wanted. 

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I've been fighting off my jet lag by making my bed every morning, that way I'm not tempted to climb back in. It doesn't hurt that I find my throw pillows adorable and God forbid they touch the ground. I love the mixture of color on my bed; from a cream bedspread to a charcoal quilt, an orange, velvet pin tuck pillow to a dusted pink tassel one, and then the texture of the shams. The perfect set up for me not to mess it up.

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And while I haven't truly left the house yet—except for a quick run to Sprouts—I still try and get ready. Throwing on a cute summer dress and adding a few curls to my new hair, makes me feel useful and awake. 

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Photo Credit: Eunice Beck

Glossier Rep

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I am so excited to announce that I am now a brand representative for Glossier! What this does is allow you to shop their website and see what MY top picks are from their products. 
If this is your first time shopping with Glossier, you will receive 20% off your first order and if it exceeds $30 you get free shipping!!

Home Sprung

Nothing is better than waking up to a warm, Spring morning and having absolutely nothing of importance to do. You can stroll about your house in an oversized kimono, drinking tea, and playing with your cat and feel as if you are accomplishing so much. 

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Urban Outfitters has always had something I can wear for each part of my day. Whether that is lounging around, doing chores, or getting a tan, I can head over to their online site and find SOMETHING that suits my fancy.

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With the Arizona sun I try and avoid laying out. That's why a one piece is nice in the Spring, I can still catch some rays without burning my paler bits. 

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Photo credit: Willow Greene
Hair credit: Hope 

Mornings Are for Mimosas

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Mornings are for mimosas and awesome local brands! Royalty Rags is an Arizona based brand, ran by two very lovely people who put "bits of their heart, soul, and passion" into their tees. This tank is one of the softest shirts I own and is highly breathable and comfy. Be prepared to want to sleep, eat, and live in these tanks. Also, they come with cheeky sayings that are relatable to just about anyone.
Go give them some love!

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Glasses (similar here and here) | Romper (similar here and here)

Isn't it funny how things come back in style? I'm not talking about middle parts and flared jeans. 

My grandfather came to visit this past weekend from Oregon and we got to talking about how my generation likes to have tangible objects and experiences we can feel. How we like to feel the book in our hand rather than purchase an ebook, smell the pages worn down from years being leafed through and dogeared. How we now long to collect vinyls that were once traded out for tapes and then CDs and later files that could be downloaded from iTunes or pirated online. But now we love the crackly sound, heavy with white noise and complete with the shaky breaths taken between notes. How we want polaroids the size of our palms to stick to our walls or put in match tins to pull out later at social gatherings and show what you chose to take a photo of for a dollar per frame.

It's funny how we have this nostalgia for a time we weren't even there for. How we want everything in bulk and real rather than one dimensional. I know I love sitting late at night when I can't sleep and looking over my book collection and rearranging them into my favorites, the classics, and my stack of books to read next. I love the act of flipping my vinyl over to play side B. And I love waiting for my picture to develop before my eyes brightening from black.

So why is it that my generation has this nostalgia?

Photo credit: Daniel Primero

Instagram Recap

I always find it interesting going back through my instagram posts from this month and seeing which photos are my follower's favorites versus my favorites. As far as my favorites go, I enjoy the pictures of me and my boyfriend and the photos that are taken by professional photographers, rather than selfies. But, my following always seems to respond more to a selfie than a professional photo and I think I have figured out why!

Your followers like to know that you are a real person. They want to see you as obtainable, and if all you do is post professional photos that have gone through editing and most likely hair and makeup, then it isn't the true you that people see you as day-to-day. My selfies, however, are taken that same day and posted after adding a filter using VSCO cam and is a more accurate representation of who I am and what I look like in real life.

So these are my top posts this month on instagram... with the selfie being #1.

Do you follow me along on instagram?

Perhaps you should!

URBN 2015

Taken at the MoMA

View of Philadelphia

Fourth of July in NYC

The girls on Locust Street
Top from left to right: Kennedy (me), Ashley, Alyssa
Bottom: Lauren, Mary-Sanford, Betsy

Gregory and I right after we cut my hair

City Hall in Philadelphia

Gypsy James and me

One of the last nights with friends
From left to right: David, Kennedy (me), Mary-Sanford, Ashley

Reunion with my love after two months

My dad in Philadelphia

One of the cutest buildings I had ever seen in Philadelphia

My dad, Ashley, and I at the Magic Gardens

Quick FPme shot

Some of the best sushi I've had at Fat Salmon

Kitty and me

Dad and I on the Fourth of July

Gypsy James at five weeks old

Brieana when she came to visit for two weeks

City Hall

Just a selfie in URBN inc. bathrooms

Love Wins everywhere!!

Dad at brunch in Brooklyn

Taken at the MoMA

FPme photo

Ashley and me reading before work in the magazine library

Me, Betsy, and Lauren at Jharoka before work

My new tattoo

Elijah and I in NYC

Ashley before work at the Koi pond

Well I have been back from my internship for a little over a month now and it has got to be the most memorable summer in my twenty years of life, from moving to Philadelphia and in with five strangers, starting an internship that most girls would kill for, cutting off my hair, visiting New York, getting a new tattoo, adopting a cat, being an adult for the first time and paying rent, and meeting the most amazing people. I would say that the summer of 2015 was hands down the best. 
I cannot believe how fast three months flew by. It feels like yesterday that I was standing in the Phoenix airport crying (yes you read that right, crying) my goodbyes to my family and friends. But then I was there and adjusting and making friends within the week. Only being two hours away from NYC was a huge bonus; I spent nearly every other weekend with my dad in the city and got to experience a whole new side of the city apart from the tourist attractions. 
I worked a 9-6 hour internship in the photostudio under the stylists. I learned so much about the backside of the fashion industry, the good, the bad, and the ugly; meanwhile, my own style improved watching the best of the best style out amazing outfits. I was told that I became a valuable team member in my three months working in the studio and I firmly believe that. I met stunning models from all over the world, with amazing stories to tell, and yes, I did get to tie their shoes. Working next to an incredible photography intern, we created killer portfolios that I plan on sharing within the month. I beat the odds and I got there. I was one of the lucky ones.
The friends I made while in Philadelphia will be in my life till death. They have made a tremendous impact on my life and I look forward to reunited with them all soon.

Gypsy James

Top | Hat | Levi's (similar here and here) | Loafers (similar here and here)

This here is Gypsy James, my sweet baby kitty that I adopted while I was in Philadelphia. At the beginning of my internship I started to feel a bit lonely and my dear friend, Ashley, suggested that I look into adopting. I found this little darling and immediately fell in love; I have been wanting a black cat named Gypsy since I can remember and when I saw this little guy's spunk I knew he needed a two-name name. So here is Gypsy James, my four month old black kitty who loves to suck on my finger and bite my ankles, he hates beef flavored cat food and spends way too much time pulling all of my undies out of my drawer. Welcome to the family Gypsy James.

Photo credit: Eunice Beck


As some of you may already know, I am headed to Philadelphia soon for my summer internship for Free People at home office. I will be shadowing the styling team and helping put together beautiful looks that will be shoppable online. 

What no one knows is that I am now leaving a month earlier than expected to start my internship early. Last week I received an email from one of the stylists asking me if I would be able to join them May 1st instead of June 1st; I of course said yes.

This freaked me out though considering I had a month to find a place to live and buy a plane ticket and pack for a 3.5 month adventure, but just like always, it fell into place. Alas, I have found a place to live for the summer and that is with five other interns in a beautiful old Victorian house not too far from head quarters. It is a five bedroom house (yes—that means two girls are sharing a room—no—I am not one of those girls), with two bathrooms, and a back yard. While I have my reservations living with so many people, I am seeing it as an adventure and could not be more thrilled to meet these girls. I am hoping that these young ladies will turn into some life-long friends. 

I could not be more excited for my summer away from Arizona and am a little nervous being so far from home, but as a bird must learn to fly, I must leave the nest. 

Photo credit: Elijah Tubbs

I Am Back

I am back and better than ever. 

Not having posted for awhile, let me remind you who I am. 

I am Kennedy Dawn Stearns. A 4'11, fiery 20 year old. 

I have gone through some changes, however. I have become re-inspired. I have taken some time to myself to relax, watch Netflix, and completely slack-off. My body and mind needed a break from the whirlwind of crazy that is my life and as a result I dropped off the face of the blogging world and dedicated all of my creative energy to working on my instagram (which is also going through some changes). 

I grew tired of the monotony of my posts. I grew tired of the one look I saw myself in. I wanted to do more. I wanted to become a person in your eyes. 

I have noticed on my instagram, many of my followers (which I have now reached over 50k) forget that I am real, that I am not just some social media face who doesn't see their comments. They forget that I can see their comments and I have to admit, not being thought of as a real person is a tough thing to go through. Comments can hurt and definitely extinguished the fire I had going for a while. 

But I am back. I am back every Friday morning. 

I know I used to be three times a week, but I know that right now I do not have the dedication to keep up with three blog posts every week; if I'm being honest, I may even have a hard time getting to one. 

But I'm here and I'm trying. 

Photo credit: Elijah Tubbs

Just a Little Fun

I am finally home after a month long excursion across the US. Let's just hope I am home longer than a couple of days this time!

January has been fun. From Santa Monica, to Philadelphia, to New York, to LA... I am pooped, but I have so many great memories to carry with me for the rest of the year. To think that this is how my 2015 has started off makes me more than pleased. School has started, I have turned 20, my best friend has turned 20, and I have heard some AMAZING news that will be shared with you soon. Life is fantastic and I hope that it will continue to be just as great. 

I am so beyond excited for what this year has to offer. 

How is everyone's 2015 going?

Photo credit: Willow Greene


Well, as of Friday, January 16th I am now twenty years old. I of course feel exactly the same, but just the thought of being out of my teen years makes me shudder. Being a teenager had a sense of security to it... you were old enough to have some responsibility and trust, but not too old where there was a lot expected of you. It was fun to be the dreaded teenager, people wrote songs about how horrible you were: Teenagers by My Chemical Romance or how great it is to be seventeen. I mean think about how many songs glamorize the age seventeen: Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks and Dancing Queen by ABBA are just a couple of the many. I am now old news, chopped liver, no songs shall be written about a twenty year old.
Turning twenty, you would think, would excite me... but no. I am a bit gloomy. I have a serious fear of time. I hate the progression of time, therefore I do not usually enjoy my birthday. When I sleep in too late I start to feel a little anxious... how dare I waste too much of my day sleeping. I always feel that the progression of time goes too fast, I am always afraid that I will miss something special because I am wasting my time elsewhere. Crazy? Yes. 
I was thankful that my birthday this year ran smoothly and allowed me to actually enjoy my day of birth. I was, first off, in NYC visiting my dad, which was very exciting. He made me my favorite breakfast... cinnamon rolls and sausage... and then we went shopping at French Connection for a new outfit for me to wear when we went out that night. We attended the Broadway show Cabaret with our dear friend, Greg. Starring Emma Stone and Alan Cummings, you can just imagine how brilliant the performance was. Spectacular really. We then went out for a late, late dinner around 10:45. It was a great birthday and really helped take the pressure off turning the big 2-0.
This is it, this is the beginning of my twenties. Holy s**t,

Photo credit: Willow Greene


So I obviously decided to take a break from blogging for a week there. I promise it wasn't premeditated, but rather spur of the moment laziness amidst all of the holiday chaos. I really have no time to breathe this month. For the month of January I am going to try out blogging on just Tuesdays and Thursdays so I allow myself the time to enjoy life and not just race through it. Sorry for the lack of notice!
Right now I am sitting in a Santa Monica hotel room preparing for my last day here styling for Brandy Melville. It has been a great adventure once again and I cannot wait to share all of my adventures with you. Stay tuned friends! Talk to you Thursday.

Photo credit: Willow Greene