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So I have this odd obsession with trash TV. I am completely addicted to watching horrible TV shows for eight hours everyday and finishing every season of the show in just one month. It all started with watching all six seasons of Gossip Girl, then I moved on to Desperate Housewives which was my absolute favorite, next was the first four seasons of Pretty Little Liars, and now I am watching The Vampire Diaries. All are complete trash, yet all too entertaining. The drama, the scandal, the death, the secrets. I love it all a little too much. 
I am not only watching trash, but I also have watched the first two seasons of Orange is The New Black, American Horror Story, started The Walking Dead, and just recently started Sons of Anarchy. 
What are some of your guilty TV pleasures? What are some shows you find to be completely riveting?

Photo credit: Hilary Lamb